Through the very productive period of 1999 to 2002, Lui posted periodic updates on her travels, work in the recording studio and general news, in a section of her website she called "Musings". Between 2002 and 2004, as she began shifting her focus from recording and touring to her family music programs, Hilltown Music Together and Kids' Jam, it became increasingly difficult to find the time to maintain Musings. With her 2006 posting on the release of Closer, Lui's published musings ended.

The entries Lui made over the years are still relevant and very interesting. Besides the snapshots of her recording, touring and home life, they offer insights into the inspiration behind, and creation of many of her songs and poems.

While reading these posts, please bear in mind that these are archival - some information that was current at the time of the post is far out of date today (the postage rates quoted in the Leaving Fort Knox posts, for example). The posts are republished here with all their original content - no attempt has been made to update or otherwise edit the information.

February 2006: Closer, at Last
It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I wrote a Musing – but considering what I’ve packed into the last couple of years it’s not so surprising. The teaching alone has kept me busy – my classes have grown so that I’m now teaching 3 days a week, 7 classes in all. This spring I will celebrate a complete round of the 9 collections that comprise the Music Together repertoire – which means I’ve been teaching a full 3 years. On top of that – and parenting a high school senior through the college application process – I’ve taken on, and finally completed, a huge recording project. [more]
February 2004: Music of and by the People
You’ve probably been wondering, if you’ve checked here for Musings at all over the past year, whatever happened to me. If I fell off the face of the earth. No, I just got swallowed up (pleasantly) in learning and teaching Music Together®! [more]
October 2002: Work You Love
A young boy at a concert this weekend asked me if I am rich. I laughed and answered "that depends on how you define rich!" Certainly by the world's standards I am wealthy, even though, as a folk artist with a family to support, I live quite bare boned as defined within this country's financial culture. But however you look at it, I am deeply and doubly blessed to have both work I love, that fills me spiritually, and the privilege of being mother to my three children. [more]
June/September 2002: Summer here and gone/Julie Snow's CD!
Okay, no more promises about when I'll write the next one of these Musings. I've been musing a lot these past 4 months, but just not finding time to get it down on paper. There's been my usual concert schedule, mostly solo, with a month of duo concerts with Dana Robinson in July, and I played a wedding in September with cellist Joel Cohen. I'm hoping to work more with Joel, as it was great fun. But overall, the focus has been more on family throughout this period... [more]
April/May 2002: Swimming to the Other Side
April was a full and good month, mostly taken up by my California tour, as well as getting ready for it - and recovering from it. I just had way too much fun out there, and it took awhile to settle in afterwards. I had thought I'd write in this musings about California, or about the song I wrote the day I got back, a sort of a semi-wry travelogue/semi-romantic waltz, called Someone to Come Home To." But way too much has happened since then, and so I just hope you can make it to a concert soon, and I'll sing you my new song in person - and I'll get right to the biggest news. [more]
February/March 2002: Moondancer
Spring is here! And with her, a foot and a half of snow! All I can say is, I'm glad winter has finally arrived, in time for spring. Winter was feeling incomplete, having had as little of the white stuff as we had this year. Now my New England heart is content. This March snow will melt quickly and then we can get on with mud season! [more]
December 2001/January 2002: Waterbug
Ah, the invigorating cold air of a New England winter! Uh, well, not quite, this year! But I've managed to enjoy even the warm interludes. The woods out back call me as always, and the little bit of snow we've had has been enough to get me out snowshoeing and cross-country skiing a number of times... [more]
October/November 2001: Planting Spring Bulbs
It is the season for contemplation, and more so than ever this fall. As the darkness descends, I find myself settling into my home, doing fall cleaning, and planting spring bulbs. The ultimate in an expression of hope. Next spring will bring crocus, daffodil, and hyacinth. [more]
August/September 2001: Snow White and Paypal
Much great excitement here recently, and all of it of the most mundane variety, nothing romantic to report. But I have to admit to being solidly in the human, physical realm, and I can get tickled pink, as my Mom used to say, about the most mundane things. [more]
July 2001: The Veery Thrush
...It's been a busy spring and summer - the last you heard from me the snow had not yet fully melted! But indeed summer has reached even the hilltowns of western Massachusetts. [more]
April 2001: Hanging up the Snowshoes
Well, March came and went without my ever getting my musings to Rose to post on the site. I actually did write a draft of them on my way out to the midwest last month, but I never have gotten them finished and typed into the computer. Oh well, it's been that busy a winter and spring... [more]
February 2001: Moon of Ripe Berries
No, no ripe berries in mid-winter New England—though it's springtime in Texas as I write this! These ripe berries have to do with the publishing of a poetry chapbook, which is titled Moon of Ripe Berries. [more]
January 2001: Glaciers and Crowbars and Other Pleasures of the Season
A deep current of happiness has run through the days of this month. I have been happy beyond reason. But then, I suppose feelings are never subject to the whims of circumstance. Good thing, this. [more]
December 2000: Gone But Not Forgotten: Oberlin Village Cemetery, Raleigh NC
In Raleigh, North Carolina, near Cameron Village—the first mall built in the southeast region of the US—a freed slave cemetery known as Oberlin Village Cemetery lies nestled behind the YWCA. Oberlin Village was named after Oberlin College, outspoken during the Civil War with a strong anti-slavery stance. Many descendants of the freed slaves buried in the cemetery still live in Oberlin Village. Untended for years, the cemetery lay overgrown with brambles... [more]
November 2000: Grey Skies of November
When I was in college, a print of a Utrillo painting hung on my dormroom wall. The painting was of a street in Montmartre, a uniformly grey sky over charming Parisian houses. What sticks in my mind most is the color of the sky. That grey sky to me symbolizes November, and whenever the year turns round to this month I think of that painting and the subtle beauty of that sky. [more]
September-October 2000: Autumnal Rituals and Stalking the Wild Tubaphone
I'm so far behind this has turned into a two-month musing. The months kind of meld together in my mind anyway. Fall transitions. September was a home-based month, a scattering of gigs, but mostly time to catch up on office work and start getting the cordwood stacked in the woodshed. That's a chore I love... [more]
August 2000: Blueberries Sublime and Things to Do Today in Wisconsin
This was the month that was supposed to offer time to slow down. Oh well. The best laid plans.... I did manage to get up to Maine, if only for a concert. And my kids and I spent a couple of days in Vermont at my folks' place on beautiful Lake Groton. Ahh. Sometimes I get to moving so fast I forget what a delight it is to just stop for a moment. The weather even cooperated, and we got in some boating and swimming and tubing. [more]
July 2000: The Susquehanna River/Chesapeake Bay Tour
Summer is in full swing. I've been reminding myself to enjoy it as it spins by far too fast. Today driving back home from eastern Massachusetts I realized the corn growing in the fields along Rt. 112 is nearly elephant-ear high. How did it get that tall so fast? [more]
June 2000: Leaving Fort Knox!
It seems like every month when I sit down to write my Musings entry, an overwhelming amount of events have transpired during the month. I don't think I could ever complain of boredom! June, in particular, has been a month of things coming to fruition. Some in my personal life, including my oldest daughter's graduation from high school and the building of a dormer addition on the house where I live at the edge of the woods. [more]
May 2000: California, the Tour of the Roses
Where to begin? It's been a month of great abundance in all facets of my life, from putting the final touches on Leaving Fort Knox, to touring in California, to hosting an incredible old-time jam at my house. I've struggled for the past week, since I returned from my tour, with editing my thoughts down to manageable size, and each day just brings more to share with you. Argh. [more]
April 2000: The Great River Road
The Great River Road runs high in Balltown. To the east the land drops sharply revealing a vast scape of neat Iowa farms, with their rolling dormant fields. Beyond the farms lies my first daylight glimpse of the Great River herself. [more]
March 2000: Equinox
March began with some long and lovely road hauls, out to the northern midwest and back to and around the northeast. I've now been home for a couple of weeks, with all my concerts this last half of the month within a drive-home-at-night radius. I've been trying to pick up all the loose ends from the weeks of touring, nowhere near accomplished yet, but making some headway. The woods keep enticing me to leave behind my work load and go walking. [more]
February 2000: The Rolling of the Wheels
Life continues rolling on at an awesome pace. My road schedule this winter has been pretty daunting. Reminds me of the saying "be careful what you wish for." I'm finding, though, that it's most daunting just before I leave on tour, with all the logistics to take care of. I wear so many hats it can be a monster to keep on top of them all. Oops, maybe that should be under them all. Once I get out on the road, the concerts are the focus, and my job's pretty well defined: it's mostly reduced to eat-sleep-shower-drive-sing, with a little visiting with my hosts thrown in. I love getting on a roll playing music day after day... [more]
January 2000: Snow in Virginia
Wow, January has been quite the month. It started out with one last session in the studio with Dana Robinson and engineer Greg Steele to master Leaving Fort Knox, completing the recording process! Now I'm getting rolling on the cover graphics. I'm very psyched about this album. [more]
December 1999: Fall Tours, Recording, and Banjo Passion
This fall has been a very satisfying time for me musically. After a summer full of duo concerts with Dana Robinson, and one last September festival together in Rochester NY, the Turtle Hill Folk Festival, we headed in separate directions for our fall solo tours. I've been so all over the place that I have to look back at my calendar to remember where I was when! [more]