Upcoming Concerts

Anytime, Any Month, 2020 and beyond LIVESTREAM CONCERT! Evergreen House Concerts and River Spirit Music - This 90-minute LIVESTREAM CONCERT was aired live from my living room on December 6, 2020, and has now been archived for continuing views. The concert was co-hosted by Ahrre Maros, of Evergreen House Concerts, and Peter Shafran of River Spirit Music. Peter shipped all the equipment, complete with both HD and 360° cameras, to me, and then guided me through the setup. It was all run remotely by his fabulous professional tech team. I'm saving you a front row seat, as I share favorite songs from over the years. More information and tickets starting at $5 are still available on an ongoing basis here on River Spirit Music's event page. Once you have a ticket, you can use the same link to watch the concert as many times as you wish!

If you have a concert venue and are interested in booking Lui for a performance, please contact Molly Gamblin Music.

If you'd like to learn more about hosting your own private concert, please see the house concert info page. To email Lui to make arrangements for your house concert, please use the sign-up form.