Kids' Jam Family Music Workshop

What is Kids' Jam?

WHAT IS Kids’ Jam?

Solfege in a Kids' Jam session

Parental involvement in Kids' Jam

Extended family too

Working together

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Kids’ Jam Repertoire

The new Kids’ Jam repertoire is drawn from traditional songs and songs composed by Lui specifically for the program. The collections feature songs about the natural world and celebrate seasonal changes.

The recordings of the songs are done in the studio under the capable hand of brilliant multi-instrumentalist / producer Anand Nayak (of Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem fame).  They feature Lui and Anand on vocals and a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, slide guitar and mandolin, and are getting rave reviews from current Kids’ Jam family members of all ages.

A Family Activity

Parent involvement is an important element in a child’s music learning process, regardless of a parent’s previous experience with music.  While geared to and developmentally appropriate for the lower elementary student, Kids’ Jam is an educational activity for the entire family, in a community of like-minded families.

Kids’ Jam Family Music Workshop is ideal for Home Schooling families, and we offer special Home Schoolers’ mixed-age classes.  Older or younger siblings may be incorporated into any of our other classes as well, on an individual basis; please ask if you are interested.

Materials Provided

Tuition in Kids' Jam includes: